3 Tips to Overcome Job Search Burnout

If you’re feeling frustrated or stressed by your job search, you’re not alone. Navigating professional transitions requires a great deal of courage and resilience — and almost everyone experiences difficult emotions during the process. It’s easy to forget that job hunting can create burnout as easily as a high-pressure job. Try these three approaches to help keep you on an even keel as you work toward your goals.

Ask for — and accept  — help

You would never advise a client to handle their own deal or matter. So why approach your transition as a DIY project? There are many avenues for support: bar association and affinity group offerings, law school career centers, private coaching and outplacement support your firm may offer. And, of course, there’s your network — peers who can commiserate about shared experiences, mentors who can help you leverage your strengths and connections who want to support your success. There are people in your corner; all you have to do is reach out.

Notice no-response patterns 

If you don’t get a reply to a networking email, don’t take it personally. Remember that lack of response is not a rejection. It usually has nothing to do with you — people are just busy and distracted. If every email goes unanswered, however, it may be time to evaluate your messaging. Under the tremendous stresses of professional uncertainty, it’s easy to forget that effective networking is about cultivating strong relationships, so review your communications to ensure they’re focused on mutual benefit, not purely transactional requests.

Take breaks to decompress

The urgency of finding a new position is inherently stressful — and you are only human. Although it seems counterintuitive, stepping away from your job search briefly to recharge and reconnect with life outside of work can help you break through the toughest blocks. A breather can also give you a sense of perspective about your big-picture career goals. When you return, you’ll be better positioned to pursue meaningful opportunities and forge new relationships.