Executive Coaching

Leadership, management and professional development skills drive a firm’s bottom line, these competencies aren’t taught in law schools. We help attorneys — from senior partners to rising associates — gain the edge in these crucial capacities.

Lifelong learning for business success

Whether you’re leading a law firm, running a department or working toward your next career milestone, discover coaching that draws on your strengths to break down barriers. 

  • Amplify existing expertise and target opportunities to add new competencies 
  • Create business development plans, including networking and relationship building
  • Set meaningful, personalized metrics for action, success and accountability
  • Overcome obstacles to productivity, performance and career growth

The value

Firms need leaders who preserve guiding values — while simultaneously blazing new trails and rising to meet the emerging challenges they face. Senior and emerging leaders alike can leverage coaching to enhance their current abilities and build next-level strategic skills, realizing their full potential at every stage of their careers. 

The process

Attorneys work one-on-one with an experienced coach who draws on depths of experience in the legal industry. Beginning with a strengths-based assessment, each leader pursues a dynamic, made-to-measure coaching plan using trusted methodologies that deliver ongoing results and foster long-term success. 

The impact

  • Early-career leadership skill-building to position for long-term impact
  • Senior leadership cultivation for stronger team and firm performance
  • Improved business development, relationship-building and networking 

The value

Your firm has expended significant resources recruiting world-class legal talent — but without commensurate managerial expertise, no team can achieve its potential. Most managers have little formal management training, but coaching closes the gap, deepening communication, delegation, feedback and teaching competencies for engaged, high-performing teams.

The process

Following an assessment of strengths and opportunities for growth, a veteran coach creates a personalized plan in collaboration with the individual supervisor. With one-on-one sessions, managers add new knowledge and hone their existing proficiencies. Further, as issues arise in the manager’s day-to-day work, coaches help craft effective solutions.

The impact

  • Enhanced project management skills, including delegation and communication
  • Improved capacity to build rapport and provide timely, actionable feedback 
  • More efficient work, increased morale, fewer fire drills and better work product

The value

Targeted professional growth support allows all attorneys, at every level of seniority, to contribute their utmost to the firm’s success and build a gratifying career trajectory. Coaching augments mentorship by creating a private space in which attorneys can have candid discussions about strengths, goals and areas in which new approaches are needed.

The process

Our experienced coaches help attorneys surface career objectives and personal aspirations, using behavioral or personality assessments if desired, and create a plan to achieve the desired outcomes. Through one-on-one sessions and individually tailored resources, the attorney builds capacities and realizes professional growth aims.

The impact

  • Intentionality in career progression, including paths to partnership 
  • Greater facility with goal setting, resource cultivation and relationship building
  • Better time management and more active participation in staffing/work selection

Exclusive resource library

Our extensive collection of proprietary career planning and professional development resources is composed of time-tested methodologies, refined over decades, blended with emerging best practices. Whether users seek to sharpen existing skills or explore new competencies, our ever-expanding knowledge bank puts the answers at their fingertips.

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Certified assessment administration

Behavioral assessments support deep, thoughtful evaluation of strengths, values and areas for growth for each individual — sometimes offering unmatched insights on persistent challenges. Our consultants are certified to administer and interpret many industry-leading assessments, including the Hogan, Myers-Briggs and Everything DiSC suites. 

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