Bespoke Advisory and Consulting Services for Leading Firms

Achieve growth, success and excellence at every level — individuals, teams and firmwide — with trusted, actionable insights that fuel today’s success and tomorrow’s prosperity.

Leadership reviews & assessments

Foster outstanding leadership and high-performing culture. From addressing emergent challenges to facilitating continuous professional development, every engagement is fully customized to meet your unique needs and deliver developmentally focused, results-oriented insights. 

beard strategies photos lawyers attorneys working
beard strategies photos lawyers attorneys working

Career transition & outplacement

Strengthen firm morale and sustain mutually beneficial relationships by helping alumni land well. With extensive one-on-one support from expert coaches, departing attorneys develop personalized plans for navigating transitions, including access to the latest market intelligence, proven proprietary resources and strategic contacts. 

Executive coaching

Flourish in today’s competitive environment by propelling your people’s professional growth. Our credentialed coaches have extensive legal industry backgrounds and tailor sessions to each individual’s goals. At every level of seniority, attorneys, professionals and executives can leverage coaching to level up career performance and progression. 

beard strategies photos lawyers attorneys working
beard strategies photos lawyers attorneys working

Talent development initiatives

Fill knowledge gaps and refine essential skills with customized talent development offerings. Our robust training and enculturation programs are tailor-made to match your firm’s needs and delivered by seasoned consultants, powering enhanced engagement and organizational success. 

Organization strategies

Tackle complex problems and move boldly toward your aspirations. Guided by veteran consultants and focusing on the firm at large, an office, a department or a practice group, each made-to-measure engagement employs leading-edge market intelligence and methodologies.

beard strategies photos lawyers attorneys working

How coaching works:

Certified leadership assessment administration

NB&A consultants are certified to administer and interpret an array of behavioral assessments — including the Hogan, Myers-Briggs and Everything DiSC assessment suites — to support deep and thoughtful assessment of strengths, values and areas for growth as appropriate for each individual.

Find out how our executive coaching services can make you even more successful.

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