Welcoming Rosalie Chamberlain to the Team

We’re delighted to announce that Rosalie Chamberlain has joined the Beard Strategies team as a Senior Consultant. In addition to her talents as an executive coach to attorneys and leaders, Rosalie is a nationally recognized diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) consultant.

Rosalie’s DE&I consultation work helps law firms move from intention to action in their commitment to diversity. Through leadership consulting and team coaching, she acts as a change agent who enables firms to make a lasting impact on their cultures — at the individual level and organization-wide.

In her coaching, Rosalie helps attorneys at all levels reach their highest potential. She focuses on inclusive leadership, empowering individuals to build on their strengths and overcoming challenges through effective communication and emotional intelligence. She is also the author of Conscious Leadership in the Workplace, a guide to increasing leadership success through self-awareness and higher levels of consciousness.

One of the things we most value at Beard Strategies is collaborating as a team to support our clients, and we’re thrilled to add Rosalie’s wisdom and experience to the many talents of our expert Senior Consultants. We invite you to get to know Rosalie and our wonderful team.